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IQ29.7 Release Notes

Released 16 July 2023

This release brings back the download all feature and provides additional Authentication and Signature options for the OneSpan connector.

Download all (.zip)

Now users will get the option to download all documents, when multiple are available, upon completing and submitting a form.

The files will be automatically compressed into a .zip file when downloading.



Support for IDV and Biometric authentication has been implemented into the 'Create OneSpan Package' Action.

Designers can add a Document Verification WorkflowId as an input which can be retrieved from the OneSpan Endpoint '/api/accountConfig/idvWorkflowConfigs', which shows which WorkflowId's (if any) are valid for a OneSpan tenant.
Each Signer has one Document Verification WorkflowId.

Optionally each WorkflowId can have a corresponding Authentication phone number.

Group Signer

Groups may now be set as single Signer, assigning the document to a group rather than an individual. The Group Id can be retrieved from the OneSpan url '/a/admin/groups/Group Id' or from the OneSpan API Endpoint '/api/groups'
There is only one Group Id for each Signer and it is optional.


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