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Contact your sales representative if you are interested in obtaining a license for the OData module for your SmartIQ instance.

Create a new Data Connector in SmartIQ to use RESTful APIs through the OData version 4 protocol. The data retrieved from the API can be output in a project through a data source block such as a Data Question


Relevant Links

OData Configuration Settings

Connector Set-up

See the OData Configuration Settings to set up the connection



OData supports username and password authentication as well as bearer tokens. To use a bearer access token, select the access token option or add a bearer=[AccessToken] as a parameter in the Connection Attributes and set the Credentials to "No credentials required".

Connection Attributes

serviceRootURLthe root URL of the target OData service
maxNavigationDepththe maximum depth to parse for nested or recursive Navigation Property definitions. Limited to a maximum of 10
maxComplexDepththe maximum depth to parse for nested or recursive Complex Type definitions. Limited to a maximum of 10
bearerthe bearer token to use for authentication if authentication details are not otherwise supplied


Data Objects

The data set data object will get an auto-complete of the available objects when the data object name is filled.

  • Fields that start with a forward slash / indicate that it's a navigation properties on the field. Navigation Properties can be nested down to the maxNavigationDepth. For example, /ProductDetails/Product/Supplier.Name
  • Fields separated with a period(.) indicate a complex type. For example, Address.State, Address.City, Addresss.Street
  • Fields that end with square brackets [] indicate a collection and can be set up as a hierarchical data structure.