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e Ink Question Type empowers the end user to handwrite content over a designated area on the form. This can be useful for prompting end users to handwrite something on the e-form; for example: to enable the end user to digitally sign the form, or use a digital handwriting tool (like a stylus or the mouse-pointer) to mark an uploaded image.


The output of an ink question after a form is submitted is an image file.

The ink question type that facilitates drawing on a predefined background, requires the largest UI and can often cause the UI to scroll when combined with other question types.

When inserted in template through a placeholder the background image and/or associated ink will appear at the full size of the background image, unless the dimensions or scale ratio are specified in the answer properties or placeholder controls.

Question Properties

Question Text
Text Position
allow zoomAllows the user to trigger a temporary full-screen zoom so that the image can be as large as the screen size, aspect ratio and resolution of the device allows. When activated the full-screen zoom will attempt to fill the maximum area of the screen without stretching or skewing the image meaning the image will continue to grow until: - The maximum size of the background image has been reached. I.e. the image won’t grow past 100% of its original size. - Either the maximum horizontal/vertical width/height of the screen resolution has been reached.
include background in result
resize background upload
ink colour
allow ink colour choice
help text

Answer Properties

The image size can be configured in the answer properties

Max HeightThe value assigned to this property is the maximum height.
Max WidthThe value assigned to this property is the maximum width.
UnitsThis property provides a range of units.
Stretch to FitChecking the ‘Stretch to Fit’ checkbox stretches the image to fit the max height and max width value.

Note: If ‘Max Height’ and ‘Max Width’ values are greater than the original size of the image then the resulting image will take the original image’s size dimensions unless ‘Stretch to Fit’ is ticked.

However, If ‘Max Height’ and ‘Max Width’ values are less than the original size of the image, the resulting image will accept the given size dimensions, even if the stretch to fit checkbox is not ticked. Thus the resulting image size will get reduced from its original size.
Alternative TextThe value provided to this property will appear as an alternative text in the generated document.

Offline app

By default on a mobile device the maximum width or height of an uploaded photo or image from the device gallery is set to 500 x 500 pixels. This is to prevent extremely slow uploads and/or overloading the device memory.

If you are using the zoom feature and/or need to store a large resolution background image from a mobile device you need to set a suitable set of answer dimensions. Note that increasing the answer dimensions will slow the upload and zoom screen rendering times for the question.