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IQ30.6 Release Notes

Released 7 January 2024

Block drag and drop

You can now drag and drop questions and other blocks, that have already been placed within the project, to re-arrange them.

Adobe Acrobat Sign Agreement action update

The Adobe Acrobat Sign Agreement action can now support multiple documents at once. However, the documents will be stitched together at Adobe's end, with the result being a singe document.

Send Email escalation update

Email addresses supplied to the Cc and Bcc inputs of the 'Send Email' workflow escalation can now be semicolon ';' delimited.

Variable question answer option update

A variable option for the Variable question's answer, called 'User Date Format', has been added which returns the format of the user's culture's date format: USA: M/d/yyyy - AUS: d/M/yyyy - JAPAN: yyyy/M/d

Circular references in formulas are flagged when Troubleshooting is enabled

If a form contains a formula with a circular reference, running the form in Produce with troubleshooting turned on will show a specific error message highlighting the form design problem.

Inline Formula Validation

The Full Screen formula editor now contains inline formula validation.

Multi-line textboxes character limit

For security reasons the character limit for multi-line text boxes has been limited to 150k characters.