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SmartCOMM Action


Contact your sales representative if you are interested in obtaining a license for the SmartCOMM action for your SmartIQ environment.

Use this action to submit data for further processing or to generate a document in SmartIQ using SmartCOMM Data Modal and Template Selector.


Make sure to have SmartCOMM configured in your Manage settings first.



Use Draft Editor Question to customize the fields and content within the editor.

ProjectSelect the name of the SmartCOMM project that contains the data model and template selector.
QueueIf a value has been selected from the drop-down list of available job queues, SmartIQ will call the SmartCOMM SubmitJob Asynchronous API and no document will be generated or returned to SmartIQ.
Template Selector (Required)The SmartCOMM template selector that will be used to generate the required document.

when the action executes, the Data Model will be filled according to the answers matched to the placeholders. This will then be supplied to the Project and Template Selector specified.