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Project Settings

Project NameChanges made would save as a new version of the project
Compatibility ModeProvides the functionality of specific older features in a new version of the product
Show Save PromptPrompts the user for the In Progress File Name before saving. If this option is disabled, the save prompt will not show when clicking the save button and the default In Progress File Name will be used
Default Answer file names - In Progress File NameAnswer file – The answers/responses saved midway through an in-progress form and generated after completing a form in Produce
Invalid Project TextThe message that appears if there are validation errors in the Project, such as a Mandatory Question not being answered. The [ErrorPage] Reference Tag can be used and will be replaced with the name of the offending page.
Submit Button LocationThe location on screen the submit button on the final page will appear at; Top Right, Bottom Middle, Bottom Middle and Top Right, and Bottom Right
Access Code GenerationUsed for the [AccessCode] Reference Tag