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General Settings


Contact your sales representative if you are interested in obtaining a license for the Google Tag Manager for your SmartIQ environment.

Enable Content ApprovalNew content require approval before use
From Email AddressEmail address used as "From" address when SmartIQ sends automatic emails
System NameThe name of the system used in page titles and email communication such as Reset Password
Browser Tab NameThe page title that appears for the Produce instance in a browser. This defaults to 'System - Page - Project' when set to SmartIQ.
Generated Documents StampThis stamp will appear on all generated documents. Usually used in testing instances to show documents are not legally binding.
Google Tag Manager Container IDDefines the container ID used by Google Tag Manager (format 'GTM-XXXX'). Administrator is required to create a Google account and subscribe the site whose activities needs tracking, once this is done, a container ID is assigned which needs to be updated here.
Show Non-Mandatory Fields as OptionalWhen this option is off, mandatory fields will be marked. If the option is on, mandatory fields will not be marked, but non-mandatory fields which be shown as optional.
Show Profile PageWhen this option is turned off, end users cannot access the Profile page in Produce.
Allow Form TimeoutWhen unselected Produce will keep the current form open and usable until it is submitted which will also keep the user logged in during this time. If selected the form will timeout after a period of time and the user may have to log in again to continue a saved form.
Require Terms of ServiceRequire all users to accept the terms of service before access to Produce is granted
Force Users To Reaccept Terms of ServiceNext time a user logs into Produce, they will be forced to accept the terms of service. This should be reset when the Terms of Service text has been updated.


Note Google Tag Manager

Content-Security-Policy header needs to be modified for Produce to add https://www.google-analytics.com https://www.googletagmanager.com to allow communications and js download from those sites.
When using on a non-https site, eg localhost, http://www.googletagmanager.com also needs to be added to the CSP header.