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The Groups section shows all currently existing groups, which are used to assign multiple Usersmultiple Rolesand provides ease of Workflow assignment without needing to specifically assign every individual.


Before creating new groups make sure Roles have been set up

The Auto Assign Group option will automatically assign newly created users to the group by default. Only system groups will have this option enabled by default.

External Group

An 'external group' is a User Group that is managed outside of the SmartIQ Environment. Subscription to, or removal from, the group cannot happen in SmartIQ, that is up to the identity management system such as Active Directory, LDAP, or SAML.

Environments where user management is managed by an external Identity Provider, need external group(s) configured before the provider is configured so that when the first user (usually a server administrator) attempts to access SmartIQ they will have appropriate access to make further changes.

Groups added within SmartIQ must have names that are a direct match with the equivalent one in your system, and the external group option must be selected.

Group Address

Groups can have a single email address to receive group notifications by entering a valid email address in the Email field. Additionally, emails can also be configured to send to all user emails in the group, including the group email, by enabling the Email Individual Group Members checkbox.