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The Groups section will show all existing groups.

Clicking on the New Group button will take you to a menu where you can create a new group.

  1. Type in a group name.
  2. Choose the role:
  • End User
  • Global Administrator
  • Workflow Administrator

You can set the permissions level for the Role name.

Group Address

Emails can be sent to a dedicated group email address by entering a valid email address in the Email field. Additionally, emails can also be configured to send to all users in the group by enabling the “Email Individual Group Members” checkbox.

Auto Assign for Groups

The Auto Assign Group option allows control over which groups a newly created user will get added to by default. This allows users to get automatically assigned to any created groups including system groups. Only system groups will have this option enabled by default. These groups can be viewed from the Groups page in Manage.

The Skip Group Auto Assignment option allows control over which users will not get automatically assigned to auto assign type groups. This option is initially not enabled. This can especially be configured for specialized users who should have limited access.

Group Configuration - Auto Assign Group

The Auto Assign Group option sets which user groups will be added to the newly created users. This can also be configured for system groups.

Go to the Groups edit page from the Manage menu and check the Auto Assign Group checkbox to enable this option.


User Configuration - Skip Group Auto Assignment

The Skip Group Auto Assignment option allows the associated user to not have the automatically assigned groups added to them. This can only be configured for newly created users upon creation and cannot be modified once saved.

Go to the Users edit page from the Manage menu and check the Skip Group Auto Assignment checkbox to enable this option.

External Authentication User Groups

An 'external group' is a User Group that is managed outside of the SmartIQ Environment. Like Internal groups, it is possible for SmartIQ User Administrators to create them from Manage. However, subscription (or removal) to the group cannot happen in SmartIQ, control of that is up to the identity management system, such as Active Directory, LDAP and SAML, to which SmartIQ relies upon.


Installation and Configuration of Authentication Extensions

Environments where user management is managed by an external Identity Provider need external group(s) configured before the provider is configured so that when the first user (usually a server administrator) attempts to access SmartIQ they will have appropriate access to make further changes.

For new installations it is recommend that a test group be identified that has full Global Administrator permission in SmartIQto be able to test connectivity before making more specific selections.

How to Create an External Group

  1. Create a new group or identify an existing group in your Identity management System that will be used to setup and configure authentication settings.

  2. Login to SmartIQ Manage (for new installations this will be via forms authenticated, usually the admin/admin account).

  3. Navigate to Groups and click New Group.

  4. Enter the group name. This name must be an exact match with your system.

  1. Check the External Group box.

  2. Select the appropriate roles for the group. Members of this group will automatically receive these roles.

  3. Click Save.