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The Settings page is only visible to Administrators with the ‘Change Settings’ permission

If Administrators are unable to see the Settings page, go to Manage > Roles > Your Role (e.g. Global Administrator) and check that the ‘Change settings’ permission has been enabled. After making changes, log

Strict Accessibility

Strict Accessibility enforces strict accessibility rules for compliance for WCAG and accessibility compliance, but may result in some reduced user experience for users that don't need accessibility improved. The main change is that labels become tab stops on forms, but other changes apply in tables and grids and some other parts of the forms.

For more information, refer to https://www.w3.org/WAI/standards-guidelines/wcag/

Configure Strict Accessibility

Strict accessibility is available in Manage by setting: Settings > Default > Default Strict Accessibility.

In addition the default can be overridden by an Admin for each user in Manage > Users, by the user themselves in Produce > User profile or via the API.

The default for any new site is for Strict Accessibility to be OFF.

New users inherit the Manage Default settings value at the time of creation unless it is otherwise specified in the creation process (eg: can be specified when creating a user via the API)

Temporary users inherit the Manage Default settings value at the time of creation.