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The End-User Experience

A tutorial for end-users

SmartIQ Produce is the app for end-users, providing a web-based portal to access and launch SmartIQ forms, assigned workflows tasks, manage profile settings, or jump into a personalized dashboard experience.

Produce is adaptive to run standalone or embedded as part of other apps in your organisation, and can be themed to look seamless with your own sites and apps. Produce has been built to be highly accessible for users of different languages, cultures and abilities, and is responsive to fit any screen size.

Produce Home Page

1 - LogoMain logo for Produce, which can be easily customized, provides a link to the home page.
2 - Navigation LinksProvides links to access different areas within the Produce application, such as the user's Profile, Form Activity, Answer Files and Documents.

Links available adapt to the user's permissions and whether content is available. For example, the Documents link is only available if there are generated documents stored for the current user, and Manage is only available for administrators with Manage access.
3 - SearchUsers can search for any form or workflow by simply typing a search term in this box. The screen updates as the user types to only show forms or assigned tasks that match the entered search terms.

Clear the search box to remove the search filter and display all available forms and workflows.
4 - Profile PictureThe profile picture of the current user is displayed. If no profile picture is supplied, an automated one is provided based on the user's initials. If no name information is available for the user, the default profile picture reverts to the initial letter of the username.

Users can upload their own profile picture by navigating to the Profile page in Produce.
5 - Forms Assigned To MeA list of all workflow tasks or saved in progress forms assigned to you. This list is automatically sorted by due date, or assigned date if no due date is supplied.

Click the name of an assigned item to launch.
6 - Begin a New Form (Recent)Within the Begin a New Form area the Recent list provides a quick way to access the last 5 forms run. Note that this list is only available if you have access to more than 10 published forms.

The relaunch icon allows you to load the form with answers you previously submitted, otherwise clicking the form title will start a new instance of the form.
7 - Begin a New Form (all folders)Every folder with forms available to you will be listed ready to launch. Click a form to start, or use the paging or search controls to navigate the list.
8 - Expand/collapse sectionUse the expand/collapse toggle buttons to show or hide the area of content on the Produce home page.

Form usage

Inline and listed documents and files

Documents in a list can be viewed inline, downloaded, or deleted depending on if the form designer has enabled these options. The eye icon views the respective document, then next icon is downloads and the bin icon deletes.


Inline document viewing supported file types: PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP