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Tables of Content

HomeLanding PageThe landing page
ContentsSitemapThe table of Contents: where you are now
GlossaryTable of terminology
Version UpdatesFortnightly improvements and any major updates to SmartIQ are listed as sub-pages here
Quick-Start GuideProduct OverviewAn outline of the SmartIQ product and the starting place to learn about the product
Manage OverviewOutline of the 'Manage' web application, used to control across-product settings
Design OverviewOutline of the 'Design' web application, used to develop projects
Produce OverviewOutline of the 'Produce' web application, used to distribute projects to end-users
Technical ConsiderationsMaximum Technical RecommendationsMaximum values for project size, document size, email size, data size, retention time and more
Minimum RequirementsHardware and browser requirements
Multi-environment Architecture SyncManaging between a development, test and production environment.
Transaction LogsAll project statistics and information
Antivirus Scanning ServiceAntivirus information
Page ErrorsDifferent errors and their meanings
Offline appInformation to do with the Offline App when offline use of SmartIQ is intended. Check here first for all issues for any element of the product on the offline app.


Projects and Publish FoldersOutlines the purpose of the 'Projects' and 'Publish Folders' menu items
Maintenance ModeProject maintenance mode and its effects
Troubleshooting modeProject troubleshooting mode and its effects
Compatibility ModeProject compatibility mode and its effects
Content Library ManageContent library management menu item
Data ConnectionsData connections management menu item
Hierarchical DataArticle on the concept of hierarchical data
Offline App Data ConnectionsHow smart IQ interacts with, and how to use, data connections when designing for the offline app
CMIS DataCMIS interoperability standard product integration details
CSVCSV data use in product details
DocuSign Data SourceDocuSign product integration details
Dynamics 365Dynamics 365 product integration details
JSONJSON data use in product details
Microsoft Excel CalculationMS Excel Calculation product integration details
ODataOData product integration details
RESTREST API product integration details
SalesforceSalesforce product integration details
SharepointSharepoint product integration details
SmartIQSmartIQ native data types
AnalyticsSmartIQ native data analytics package
SQL ServerSQL server product integration details
Web ServiceWeb Service product integration details
XMLXML data use in product details
Custom FieldsCustom metadata fields
CategoriesContent library classification metadata
Communication TemplatesTemplates for various forms of communication like emails
SequencesCustom formats for strings
ApprovalsApproval by stakeholders of current workflow progress
UsersList of users and user set-up
GroupsList of groups and group role assignment
RolesRoles and permissions set-up
ManagementLog of various production actions and errors
Event LogLog of various tenancy actions and errors
Workflow ManageControl in-flight production workflows
LicensingList of current licenses
SettingsSettings across the entirety of the SmartIQ Environment
General SettingsGeneral settings for the whole environment
Defaults SettingsDefaults has settings that can be distributed and applied to all projects
SAML 2.0
OpenID Connect
User Profile MappingMapping of attributes for an SSO connection
Security SettingsSecurity settings
Retention SettingsLog retention settings
Theme BuilderProduce theming to control the look and feel of all projects
SMTP Settings
Adobe Acrobat Sign Configuration
Amazon S3 Configuration
Azure Storage Configuration
CMIS Settings
DocuSign Configuration
Dynamics 365 Connector Settings
File Transfer (FTP/SFTP) Configuration
OData Settings
OneSpan Configuration
Project Results to SQL Settings
reCAPTCHA Settings
REST Settings
Salesforce Connector
SharePoint Settings
SmartCOMM Configuration
SmartIQ API-User Configuration


Project TypesAll the project types available in SmartIQ and their default scopes
Project ConfigurationProject specific controls and settings
Project Settings
Custom Properties
Guest User Save/Reassign
Language Translations
Document Metadata
Layout BlocksThe pieces that structure the project and contain the functional 'question' components
Repeating Pages and Sections
Finish Page
Input and Output Pages
QuestionsContains information on what questions are, how different questions interact, and on features like custom HTML embedding
Answer and Answer FileActs as the output for most questions
Action Button
Content Library Question
Data Question
Document Viewer
Draft Editor
File Selection
Get Document
Rich Text
Stripe Connector
Video Player
Input and Output Questions
FormulasHow to use numeric, string and operator functions inside SmartIQ projects
Formula Functions
Aggregate Functions
ActionsControl the flow of data to and from external sources, operate on and transform files, and more
Add Message to Management Console
Adobe Acrobat Sign Agreement
Call SQL Stored Procedure
CMIS Save/Update Document
Convert Document to Base64
Copy Project Results to SQL Server
Data Parse Action
Data Store Delete Selected Rows
Display Message
DocuSign Actions
Dynamics 365 Actions
File Transfer (FTP/SFTP)
Form Summary
OneSpan Actions
PDF Stitch
Post to Webhook
Push Notification
Salesforce Actions
Save to AWS S3 Bucket
Save to Azure File Blob/Share
Sharepoint Actions
Send Email
Send to REST Service
Send to SOAP Service
Set Project Property
SmartCOMM Action
SmartIQ API/User
Writable Data Object Override
Zip Action
ConditionsLogical operations to contextually control the visibility of project blocks
Reference TagsTransfer information dynamically between project blocks using question references, or reference project constants
Custom HTML EmbeddingHow to use HTML within SmartIQ projects
PlaceholdersHow to transfer data from projects to documents/files dynamically
TemplatesGenerate documents/files from project outputs
Writable Data ObjectsConnect, gather and submit data to and from data sources
Workflow DesignDynamically control who can access/action the form and when
States and Approvals
Workflow Events
Parallel Workflows


The End-User Experience
User Profile
Iframe EmbeddingEmbedding produce into other websites
Workflow Produce