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DocuSign Data Source


Contact your sales representative if you are interested in obtaining a license for the DocuSign Connector Module for your SmartIQ environment.

DocuSign is a digital document signing solution, that can be sent documents generated in SmartIQ using the Docusign actions, or generate documents using its own native templates.

SmartIQ supports both v1 (DS "Legacy connect") and v2 of the Docusign connect API, but v1 only supports XML formatting.

  • v1 is the manual integration
  • v2 is automatic

If a manual schema implementation via data questions is required, only use the v1 api implementation setting the docusign side to "legacy mode" which only uses XML.
The v2 integration of Docusign which uses JSON formatting by default, supports XML, and is integrated into the external events capability.

The DocuSign connector offers a large number of inputs, reflecting the options available via DocuSign's REST API, which the connector interfaces with internally.

Creating a DocuSign Sandbox

You’ll require a dev sandbox to perform tests and build solutions using SmartIQ and DocuSign.

  1. Create a new free Dev sandbox account Click Here
  2. You'll receive a confirmation email, click "Verify Account".
  3. Change Password.

At this point, you have successfully created a Sandbox that you can be used to develop and test your SmartIQ projects.

  1. Navigate to the Admin Console clicking Go To Admin on the right top menu.
  2. Click API and Keys located on the left menu.
  3. Click Add APP / INTEGRATOR KEY button. A modal windows will pop-up; please provide the follwoing information:
    • App Description: Name for this specific integration; e.g. `SmartIQ'
    • Redirect URIs: Provide Produce URL, note that this value can be defined under Mange > Settings > DocuSign.
  4. On the same Window, click RSA Keypairs (ID) and then copy/paste this text into a local .txt file. Note that you must include -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- To -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
  5. Copy the Integrator Key guid as this value is required in DocuSign Properties in Mange > Settings > DocuSign.

At this we have all parameters required to configure DocuSign in SmartIQ Settings.

  • Integrator Key
  • RSA Kaypairs (ID)
  • Redirect URI



Admin API Username Parameter can be found by navigating to the DocuSign Admin Console > Users. A valid Admin API Username to interact with the core DocuSign API service should be in Guid form, not as an email.

By default, DocuSign Connector will use <<productname>> Produce URL with a slash at the end. However, you can overrride it in Manage > Settings > DocuSign.

In most DocuSign Authentication workflows, SmartIQ will make API calls on behalf of a user, acting as them to create envelopes, add documents, and send these files out for signing. Each of these workflows requires that the user grant explicit consent for SmartIQ to act on their behalf. A Redirect URI is used for SmartIQ to request impersonation consent from an individual user by redirecting the user's browser to the authorization service URI and initiate the authorization process.

After being redirected to the service URI, the user will need to log in to their DocuSign account and be presented with a request to grant signature and impersonation permissions to SmartIQ as shown below:

Once a user has granted consent to an application by clicking the Accept button, they will then be redirected back to the defined Redirect URI. Users will no longer be prompted to do so again unless consent is revoked.

  1. Find the generated Integrator Key and click on the Integrator Key or in the Actions drop down select Edit.
  2. In the Redirect URIs section, click Add.
  3. Enter the new Redirect URI, this should be the <<productname>> Produce URL.

Obtaining a DocuSign Admin Consent

Once the DocuSign Connector is installed successfully and the Connector Settings have been configured, SmartIQ will need to obtain consent from a DocuSign Admin user to make API calls on their behalf. SmartIQ will need to redirect the user to the Consent page, the user will need to log in to their DocuSign account and be presented with a request to grant signature and impersonation permissions to SmartIQ

To obtain a DocuSign Admin consent

  1. Create a new SmartIQ Project.
  2. Drag and Drop the "Create DocuSign Envelope" into the project.
  3. Add values to the mandatory inputs of the action, these are:
  • Recipient Name
  • Recipient Email
  • Email Subject
  • Email Blurb



These values could be anything for now since they would not be executed, at this stage we only run the action to obtain consent not to create an envelope.

  1. Publish and then Run the project.
  2. The user will be presented with a request to grant signature and impersonation permissions to SmartIQ
  3. Click Accept and the user should be redirected back to the SmartIQ Produce page.
    Once a user has granted consent to an application, they will no longer be prompted to do so again unless consent is revoked.
    If there’s a need to change the Admin API Username to another admin, this process would need to be done again to obtain consent for the new admin.


Custom Question - DocuSign

The DocuSign Custom Question allows you to have a button in SmartIQ form that once clicked a PDF that contains the combined content of all documents will be downloaded
Once you’ve added the DocuSign custom question to your project use the following table to configure any custom question attributes that you require.

Document UrlURL to the PDF that contains the combined content of all documents in an envelope. This URL can be retrieved from using the DocuSign Data Source Get Envelope Status method – documentsCombinedUri column.

Once all the custom question attributes are configured, the DocuSign custom question allows you to have a “Get” button in your SmartIQ form. When this button is clicked a PDF containing the combined content of all documents in an envelope will be downloaded.

DocuSign Templates

SmartIQ can leverage the existing configuration and investment in DocuSign Templates by mapping the tabs, recipient structure and documents from existing templates in a drag and drop fashion. SmartIQ will populate the tabs and recipient information at runtime instead of recreating the entire process from scratch.

For more information, refer to Template - DocuSign.

DocuSign Connect

DocuSign allows data to be collected in a SmartIQ form/PDF document and sent to DocuSign for signatures.


DocuSign External State

Highly recommend using the DocuSign External State, which is the state wherein SmartIQ waits for the signature process to complete and DocuSign sends the result back to SmartIQ so the workflow can be continued or finalized.


Consider turning on Troubleshooting Mode to troubleshoot problems you experience when running the DocuSign Actions.

Once Troubleshooting Mode has been enabled, SmartIQ will display logging messages of the Action in Management Console.

Workflow Webhook Receiver

This debug option will enable receiving event notifications from third-party senders to help progress workflows and identify issues that occur in your environments. The Workflow Webhook Receiver option is independent of Troubleshooting Mode.

Once the Workflow Webhook Receiver option has been enabled, SmartIQ will display logging messages in Manage > Event Log.

To enable this option:

  1. In Manage, go to Settings > Security.

  2. Select the Workflow Webhook Receiver option.

  1. Click Save.