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Contact your sales representative if you are interested in obtaining access to the Analytics Module for your SmartIQ environment.

Available in web interface Produce only.

The SmartIQ Analytics module is responsible for the collection and presentation of both the raw response data captured at submission time together with information about how the users are interacting with a form, their location, and device.

The Analytics module is usable through the SmartIQ Data Connection with Analytics specific data objects.

The analytics module answer business questions such as:
How many people are using a form?
What data did the users submit?
How many people answered Yes to a question?
What are the most popular user devices and browsers?
How long are users taking to submit forms?
How many users dropped out before submission and at what point?
How many users saved their progress and continued at a later date?

Specifically, there are several logs/stores that keep the related but unique data that represents a users journey through their form.

Project Results

"Project results" refers to the actual data captured by form submissions. This data can be consumed by multiple means.

Project Results Data Source: An SmartIQ data source allows SmartIQ Designers to retrieve and output responses to screen and output documents.

Project Results API: Part of the REST API endpoint where client application can request the responses as JSON data as needed

Project Results Document - At generation SmartIQ builds a JSON representation of the responses document that can be passed to third-party systems for consumption.

Project Results to SQL - An action that creates and populates a relational database structure that is available for easy consumption by external reporting resources.

Form Interaction Log

The form interaction log captures every user interaction within a form allowing detailed analysis of a users journey through the form including the navigation path, time spent on each question or page, drop-offs, save points etc. The raw integration logs together with some packaged generic views are available via the SmartIQ data source or can be retrieved directly from the SmartIQ database.

Due to the large volumes of data captured by the interaction log configuration to record data for only particular forms is possible.

Device/Location Log

The device (or location) log captures information about the user interacting with the system, such as high accuracy GPS location data and more general region data such as country, city and time zone. Device data includes information such as devices, operating systems, browsers, versions, and language.


Access to System Data

The API is the only integration point to retrieve the system data pertaining to projects, workflows, users, and groups. Please consider the descriptions and response data for the following linked API endpoints as an alternative: