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File Transfer (FTP/SFTP) Configuration

The File Transfer (FTP/SFTP) Action grants designers the ability to transfer generated documents from SmartIQ to a remote server via Secure File Transfer Protocol

The following attributes are mandatory and must be added to any File Transfer (FTP/SFTP) action for it to function correctly.

HostIP Address of the remote server you are going to transfer documents to.
User NameUsername to login to that server.
PasswordPassword to login to that server.
DirectoryThe particular directory in that server that you want to documents to be transferred to (e.g. /upload). Please note that if there is no particular directory you want to upload the documents to, “/” should still be entered.
For example if you are using C:\FTP\Files as the root, users just need to give (e.g. /filename) as the target path - not C:\FTP\Files\filename full path which would try to create another whole folder structure inside the root directory and then falls over.
PortFor SFTP transfer, the default port will always be 22. For FTP transfer, the default port will always be 21.
Protocol [FTP/SFTP]Specify the sending option, either “sftp” or “ftp”.
Create Folder [True/False]Specify whether you want Directory above to be created or not. Either “True” or “False”.


Multiple Accounts

Click the New Set button to create additional accounts. For example, Sandbox and Production. Additionally, click the Set as Default button to change the default connector set. If the previous Default was set in Design, SmartIQ will now use the new Default connector values.