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SmartIQ Prepare Form

Published Project - Selection of the Published Project to prepare the form for - maps to {id} on endpoint path
As User - Selection of user who has access to the selected Published Project - maps to As-User header

Options - Single grouping with no value, just display - all these options map one to one with values in the options object in the body of the call
Create In Progress - Boolean
Save Description - String
As User Assigned By - Boolean
Values - key and value pair of strings - populates the values object in the body of the call

Output attributes:
Url - map to the location header returned by the successful 201 call.

External Event Support

Workflow External Events exist to have a workflow wait for external processing before continuing on. SmartIQ External Events waits for the completion of another SIQ project.

Using the Prepare form action, create a form that the SmartIQ External Event, it will react to the completion of another form.

SmartIQ will send events back under the following circumstances so the External Event Response can be set as:

form-complete - occurs when the launched form is completed through to Finish
form-terminated - occurs when the launched form is terminated using Manage-Workflow UI, RESTAPI or by escalation

Functionality only works within the same Tenant. Terminating a parent form doesn't clean up forms created for the External Events