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Maximum Technical Limitations and Recommendations

The following table shows the recommended and hard limits for the maximum number of entities that are supported in SmartIQ.

Although it is possible to work with numbers greater than these, you may experience degradation in performance if the recommended number of entities are exceeded.

Always consider the impact of repeaters on these numbers during project design. If a user can add an uncontrolled number of documents, pages or other optional items during form run time, this could significantly impact performance.

Ensure that you consider the complexity of calculations and transformations that SmartIQ is performing on input data. In particular, data connections of any type, in or relating to nested repeaters can result in exponentially large numbers of calculations causing extreme performance impacts. SmartIQ is not a calculation engine and high performance calculations or transformations should be performed using the Microsoft Excel Calculation data connection or external calculation engines such as SQL Server or other middleware.


The numbers are typically isolated and each maximum represents the largest number of entities that the system can handle, assuming all other entities are not also at, or anywhere near, their maximum number. If two or more functions are combined, we recommend reducing the numbers even further to optimize performance.


Some limitations, like email file size, can be increased by using your own custom solutions like a custom SMTP server which and be set-up in SMTP Settings

Project file size – Import/Export50 MB
Size of uploaded data connection default data5 MB
Project Sync Pack size – Import/Export50 MB
Number of Attributes/Claims federated in a SAML SSO Token30
Number of User Custom Fields5
Maximum total file size of uploaded items per form100 MB
Maximum file size of individual uploaded items25 MB (29 MB MAX)
Maximum Content Item file size25 MB (29 MB MAX)
Documents included in a project120
Number of included Content Library items220
Number of Upload questions (including repeated instances)20
Digital Delivery
Total Email Size and and out of the smartcommunications server30 MB MAX
Total number of emails generated by a single project at any time10
Maximum duration of repeating email escalations1 month
Project Fragments included in a project‑25
Levels of nested Project Fragments‑3
Number of pages in a project‑30
Maximum number of inputs to a Fragment‑10
Number of active Actions on Finish‑ 320
Action Retry and Wait time limit‑ 415 sec
Data Connections
Data Connection questions included in a project‑50
Number of Data Connection on a page or Dashboard project‑5
Rows retrieved from any Data Connection‑1000 MAX
Maximum Data Grid refreshes per page per minute52
Maximum display columns in a Data Grid20
Results per page in a Data Grid50
Maximum items in a Drop-down List620
Number of concurrent API calls to external systems per page5
Levels of nested Repeating Sections in a project‑3
Number of Repeating Sections driven off a Data Connection ‑3
Number of states in a workflow‑20
Number of actions on a workflow transition‑10
Number of simultaneous open workflows‑1000
Number of concurrent escalations on workflow tasks‑2000
Number of response metadata fields5
Scheduled forms
Number of simultaneous scheduled task runs‑4
Retention Settings
Generation retention period365 days (30 days min)
Workflow retention period365 days (30 days min)
Audit log retention period365 days (30 days min)
Event log retention period90 days (30 days min)
Maximum project version history100 versions
Temporary file storage period24 hours
Offline/Mobile Data
Minimum cache refresh rate1 hour
Maximum database rows to be cached per data object1000 MAX



  • Note 1 Document size can impact this limit. Where document size is very small, the limit may be higher. However, for large documents, the limit may be much smaller.
  • Note 2 Documents and Content Library items may overlap and impact each other, particularly if the files are large.
  • Note 3 It is possible to include more actions on the Finish however this is the limit on the number that should be active for execution at the same time using conditions.
  • Note 4 This is the multiplication of the wait period and the retry count. Where the form generation is not interactive or the user is not waiting for completion this could be increased and the Redirect to Home combined with the unchecked Wait for Project to Finish Processing option can be used to allow for longer or more retries without impacting the user experience.
  • Note 5 This is an aggregate for the Data Grids on a page. For example, 3 data grids on a page with a 1 minute refresh time equates to 1 datagrid with a 20 second refresh time. This excludes the initial load of the page.
  • Note 6 For accessibility and improved load times use an alternative display method for longer lists eg: Auto Complete


Email Size

Your email size limits may be different depending on your Simple Mail Service (SMS) server, AWS has a limit of 40MB and Azure has a limit of 30MB.

Check your SMS server limit as every server has its own configuration and the limits may vary.

Total email sizes may be larger than expected by 40% if conversion of files to base64 occurs.