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Adobe Acrobat Sign Agreement


Contact your sales representative if you are interested in obtaining access to the Adobe Acrobat Sign Agreement Module for your SmartIQ environment.

You will also need to have an Adobe Sign Service account configured with an access token/integration key for authentication from SmartIQ to Adobe Acrobat Sign.

Provides the ability to send a generated document (usually pdf) to Adobe Acrobat Sign as a document or "Agreement" wherein participants can then sign the documents from anywhere and on different devices like mobiles or desktops.



Before using the Action you must first configure the Settings

A Templates is used as the document to generate and send to the adobe system once the action executes. This action can also support multiple documents through one agreement, however the documents will all be stitched together by Adobe.

On execution of the action a unique 'Agreement ID' will be output.

Input PropertiesDescription
Expiration HoursAn number in hours as to when the agreement will expire and processing will be stopped
MessageA message/description for the agreement similar to the name above which will be included in the outbound correspondence
Name (required)A name for the created document or agreement which will appear as the title for the agreement in Adobe Acrobat Sign as well as appear in participant correspondence
Participant SetParticipants (one or more) are grouped into sets for efficiency when working with groups of stakeholders
OrderOrder this participant set will participate in the agreement, consider including when working with more than one set
RoleThe role of the participants in the set (Acceptor, Approver, Certified Recipient, Delegate to Acceptor, Delegate to Approver, Delegate to Certified Recipient, Delegate to Form Filler, Delegate to Signer, Form Filler, Signer); Participant and Email are required.)


The inputs directly correspond with Adobe Sign settings. Additional information on their configuration can be found on the Adobe Sign website.