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Workflow Events

An external step in a workflow that needs to be actioned by a system outside of the SmartIQ platform via Cloud-to-Cloud Integration (C2I). Additionally, the workflow will only progress after the event process has finished.

When a workflow lands on an event state, the request is sent to the cloud system by an action on the inbound transition. Any inbound transitions to an event state will automatically an Action suitable for notifying the cloud system. Usually, the action will be creating some sort of work item or ticket for which the external system is responsible for processing. After the external process finishes, the cloud system notifies SmartIQ for the workflow to continue.

Continuing the workflow may mean closing off the workflow or triggering more states and approvals. The outcome of the request, whether approved, denied, finished, or deleted, controls how/if the workflow moves forward.

In Flight Behavior

Because External states are external cloud systems, they are not assigned specifically to any SmartIQ user or group and will not appear in lists or dialogs for “workflows assigned to me”. The progress can be checked in Form Activity or by workflow administrators in Workflow Manage


The DocuSign event allows data to be collected in a SmartIQ form/PDF document and sent to DocuSign for signatures.

The External State is the state wherein SmartIQ waits for the signature process to complete and DocuSign sends the result back to SmartIQ so the workflow can be continued or finalized. The process relies on Cloud to Cloud (C2I) integration between the two platforms.

DocuSign Integration

The individual workflow states and components are configured on the SmartIQ Design workflow canvas. A basic DocuSign integration requires the following components:

  • A Start state for collecting data to generate a PDF document.
  • A DocuSign Create Envelope action that passes the generated PDF payload to DocuSign (automatically added when a transition is created to the external state).
  • A DocuSign Event where the SmartIQ workflow will wait while the DocuSign Signature Process takes place and continue the workflow once the result is received from DocuSign.

Additionally, when a workflow transition is moving to a DocuSign External State, the Action responsible for creating the DocuSign Envelope will ensure that the “envelopeId” is coupled with the workflow and wait for the DocuSign response.

Setup and Prerequisites

To set up SmartIQ and DocuSign C2I integration go to DocuSign Data Source and follow the connection setup instructions.

Workflow Webhook Receiver

This debug option will enable receiving event notifications from third-party senders to help progress workflows and identify issues that occur in your environments. The Workflow Webhook Receiver option is avalible under Security Settings and is independent of Troubleshooting Mode.

Once the Workflow Webhook Receiver option has been enabled, SmartIQ will display logging messages in Event Log


The OneSpan External State Extension allows data to be collected in a SmartIQ form/PDF document and sent to OneSpan for signatures. Once the signature process is complete, OneSpan sends the result to SmartIQ so the workflow can be continued or finalized. The process relies on Cloud to Cloud (C2I) integration between the two platforms.


To receive the OneSpan response, SmartIQ exposes a WebHook specifically designed to receive authenticated and validated messages.

To set up SmartIQ and Onespan C2I integration go to OneSpan Configuration Settings and follow the connection setup instructions.

OneSpan Configuration

  1. Go to your OneSpan console and register for event notifications.
  2. Set the callback URL to your produce URL) + /webhooks/OneSpan. For example, <https://companyname.smartcommunications.cloud/produce/webhooks/OneSpan> .
  3. Set the callback key to the same value that was entered in Manage settings.
  4. Select event notifications to send to SmartIQ.


Handled Events

Only the events listed will processed. Others will be logged (if debug mode is on) and ignored.

EventDisplay NameDescription
PACKAGE_COMPLETECompleteA package has completed the signing process.
If there are multiple signers then the "sessionUser": "...", will be the signer ID of the last signer to sign.
PACKAGE_TRASHTrashA package was moved to the trash folder in OneSpan Sign's Inbox (status = TRASH).
PACKAGE_DELETEDeleteA package has been deleted from the OneSpan Sign.com system.
PACKAGE_DECLINEDeclineA recipient has declined to sign a package, and has specified a reason for doing so, The Originating System can use that reason to determine the next step for the package.
PACKAGE_EXPIREExpireA package has exceeded its expiration date.
PACKAGE_OPT_OUTOpt_OutA recipient has opted out of signing a package.
PACKAGE_ARCHIVEArchiveA callback notification indicates that a package has been archived.