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Retention Settings

Retention settings manage how long data is held for and appears in Management and Event Log.

The available options change depending on the tenancy and database setup.


Database Configuration

The same cloud environment can support tenants on shared and dedicated databases at the same time. Check with your Customer Service Manager if you are not sure what type of database configuration applies to your environment.

Retention Defaults

Retention defaults are as per the table below.

These settings are restricted on Multi-tenant Cloud Instances with a shared database. Only "Version History Maximum" can be set on these environments.

Settings in bold cannot be changed and will not be displayed to the user in the respective setup.

SettingCloud Multi-tenant (Shared database)Cloud Multi-tenant (Dedicated database)
Version History Maximum100100
Generation Log (Days)365365
Event Log (Days)9090
Workflow (Days)365365
Document Retention (hours)2424


Maximum and Minimum Settings

Multi-tenant environments can only retain logs up to 365 days. It is recommended that minimums are not set below 28 days to enable troubleshooting information to be retained. Cloud tenants with requirements for retention below 28 days should discuss their needs with their CSM. After submission, documents are only retained in SmartIQ for a maximum of 24 hours. If document storage over 24 hours is required, documents should be sent to a suitable document repository of the tenant's choice eg: Sharepoint, Cloud blob storage, 3rd party database, CMIS based storage etc.


Retention period changes

If retention periods are reduced, the new value will apply immediately to all existing data. At the next scheduled clean-up, all data that lies outside the new retention values will be removed.