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A choice question is a question type where the user is asked to choose one or more items from a limited list of options. This is useful for simple click interaction to select either exclusively one of a set of options or multiple in that set, while allowing the user to see what is selected and change selections if desired.

There are multiple types of Choice Question that each have their own available property options.


If logic, based off of previous parts of the form and/or defaults, is used then these can streamline form filling by preselecting and displaying these selections to users.

Add the question, that fits your use-case, into the desired location in the project or Pages Panel. A popup will appear and ask you to input the multiple choice values (you don't have to fill in all the options). To add more select able answers simply add an Answer Question to the Choice Question.


PropertyAvailable TypeDescription
Question TextAllThe text to display in Produce for the set of multiple choice answers
Text PositionAllThe options are: Top, Left, (None)
MandatoryAllChecking this box will make the question mandatory. This is unchecked by default.
Selection TypeToggle Button can do bothDetermines how many selections a user can make
Single AnswerOption List, Dropdown List, Likert ScaleUsers can only select one answer
Multiple AnswerChecklistUsers can select multiple answers
Display DirectionOption List, ChecklistChoose from: Vertical Horizontal 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column
Grouping IdOption ListSpecify an id to group several multiple choice questions with single selections together. This enables adding dependent questions directly below the selected answer.
Help TextAllThis allows you to create text explaining what information is requested in the question.
CommentsAllChecking this box allows comments to be added. This box is unchecked by default.
StyleAllThis allows you to change the background style of the answers to one of the following options: Alert (Error) Alert (Info) Alert (Success) Alert (Warning) Jumbotron Label (Default) Label (Error) Label (Info) Label (Primary) Label (Success) Label (Warning) Well
WidthDropdownSet a width for the drop-down box